Sails on Kos

Campfire Theatre

Campfire Theatre

Selected themes / stories

Performed by our story teller

We have prepared fun multi media shows to add value to your experience and provide a better and in-depth picture of Greece. These are not theatrical productions rather selected themes / stories performed by our story teller with the help of audio and visuals. We have produced four shows, with two performances a week, alternating the following week with the remaining two to maintain new options for guests staying longer than a week.

Voting - Campfire Theatre


A curse or a blessing. Learn how it was conceived, how it was designed and implemented. At the time of its creation it helped Greece become the center of culture while at the same time it resulted in problems such as endless debate and conflict. Today, world over, suppressed people demand more democracy while those who have it try to find ways to take it back from politicians.


Homer & why he still matters

Recently a UK study voted Homer’s Odyssey as the greatest story ever told. Homer’s writing defined his time and his two epics from the age of heroes gave depth to the thoughts and beliefs of the ancients and are still essential ingredient to the structure of society today. Themes from the age of heroes, such as glory and fame, homecoming, honor, wrath, and fate were and still are part of our daily lives. Adapted from the novel by Adam Nicolson.

Ancient Greek theatre

How it all began, The need of the artist, putting pen to paper to write the story to entertain and capture the audience and the need of the public wanting to be entertained. Escaping the limitations of storytelling around the campfire and establishing it into a commercial production. Receiving honor, respect and recognition with annual awards. Today our tv and cinema are all based on these powerful fist productions.

Greek dancing - Kos island

Greek music & dance

A journey through the styles of music genres of modern Greece. Experience the plethora of dances and be captivated by the sounds of bouzouki. Learn about the traditional and regional songs and dances as well as todays mainstream genres of music and the subcultures that identify with them. The breaking of plates on the dance floor, the dancing at the wake of a friend’s death, to the expression of feelings with zobra’s syrtaki, a lovely show!

Aesop Lessons

Life lessons from Aesop

An interactive show asking questions and analyzing the morals built into children’s tails, how the Greeks did parenting using fables. “No act of kindness is ever wasted” amongst many others, becomes easier to absorb when you’re young. The lion and mouse fable like all of Aesop’s stories give rise to further lessons like, “little friends may prove great friends”, “you never know who will prove useful in the future”, “you never know where your kindness will lead you”.

Night sky - campfire theatre in Kos

The night sky & the zodiacs

Tonight the audience can reach the planets and enjoy the night sky with our telescope while learning of the origins of the zodiac. You will be able to gaze at the moon’s surface and further. While not everyone believes the zodiac concept and the 13 constellations cross the sun’s annual path, many believe that these rotations truly affect their lives.



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