Sails on Kos

Children activities

Children activities



It is important to us that our young guests have a great time, so we have created activities so that they can enjoy them with their parents while some of the other activities are designed to be under the supervision of our staff allowing the parents to have time on their own.

Gods of Olympus - Children activities in Kos

Gods of Olympus treasure hunt adventure

Get to know the Olympians. Designed to be primarily fun it is also educational and more importantly it is a family activity. The Titans have attacked Olympus, Zeus and his team of eccentric human like gods need to defend or perish. A map, many clues, some red herrings and profiles on the gods are all ingredients of this fun adventure. Will it be your team that wins?

Mosaic making - Sails on Kos

Mosaic making

Mosaics have been found in ancient public buildings, temples as well as private homes. Some masterpieces others simple but always expressions of art. In today’s class our young guests will have a great time making and painting their own mosaic to take back for grandma on their way home.

Night vision - children activities

High tech hide & seek

A supervised night activity with night vision goggles for the seeker and walkie talkies for the hiders. We are taking hide and seek a step up, The Group goes to hide but they can communicate with each other to warn their teammates of the proximity of the seeker who is aided by night vision goggles. Once spotted, instant death comes with the blast of the green laser beam.

Magic academy

Magic academy

You will be introduced to the delight of performing magic. Learn basic fun magic tricks and how to perform them. Knowing that you have the skill and capacity to literally amaze people with your magic is an incredible feeling to have. You will impress your friends with your abilities when you go back home but be careful this could be a career changer.

Yoga for children

This activity is great for young ones with many benefits, as it strengthens the mind-body connection. Yoga helps kids achieve a sound mind in a sound body by exercising the physical body and calming the mental spirit. Enhances flexibility and coordination, while it strengthens their body and develops their focus & concentration.


Supervised activity for teenagers that will take us back to the way the Greek fought in the ancient times. This is a basic introductory level lesson giving the students a hands on experience of the recurve bow and arrows and basic skills. The lesson teaches range safety, and proper shooting technique. The overall benefit aside of the introductory archery lesson is that it encourages team building, focus, responsibility and self-confidence.

Fishing traps

Survival training – making fish traps

“Teach a man to fish and your feed him for a lifetime”. With the help of our team leader we will show you how to make a fish trap. We will then take it to the sea. Hopefully when we return, we will have caught some fish and depending on size we will return to the sea or take it back to the camp for our BBQ night.



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