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Workshops & Classes & Activities

Workshops & Classes & Activities



Make time for cheese and wine tastings, or learn how to mix rakomelo, a local alcoholic specialty, or simply join the pottery class for an afternoon of crafts; it’s all inclusive and intended to keep you active and participate, but only if you want to!

Wine tasting - Sails on Kos

Wine tasting

Wine is part of the Greek ethos since antiquity, it was so important in their lives, trade and celebrations they even had a god for wine. The fertile land of Kos was a major producer of quality wine; its wine was served to nobles from Babylonia to Rome.

We are very proud of our small selection in our cellar, compiled with the guidance of well-known sommeliers. Today you will sample and learn about unique Greek cultivars, award winning wines, and regional gems plus enjoy locally produced cheese to complement the wines.

Olive oil soap making

In this tutorial we will have fun teaching you how to make your own soap. Industrially produced soaps often have additives that may dry or irritate your skin. Learning how to make your own natural soap with pure olive oil will be a back to basics experience that you will enjoy. Best part is that if you continue with this you will always control the ingredients. You will take your own bar back home with you.

Local Rakomelo from Cretan raki


Over two days we will be preparing a number of traditional recipes. Starting with our own probiotic kefir, a multifaceted fermented yogurt, a lovely healthy tahini spread with carob, honey and hazelnut that shames Nutella, home made insect repellent from Citronella and olive oil , making a breakfast seed and nut bar called pasteli and the local Rakomelo liqueur from Cretan raki infused with our local honey and spices. You will also be able to take home a small bottle from the sample we make but we are not sure it will last that long!

Greek cuisine class

Greek cuisine class

Ah, vacation! No deadlines, no responsibilities. And the perfect time to cook! Sometimes it’s great to take a break from your kitchen, however one noteworthy travelling experience is experiencing new food and cooking somewhere new. There’s no better time to learn a new cuisine or dish. It’s time to expand your recipe domain and learn from our chef’s traditional recipes.


Hand mould your very own ancient greek artefacts using traditional clay and methods. You will learn some history, some pottery skills and get to make your very own authentic souvenir.

It will be a fun afternoon of trying something new and working with your hands! 

*charges for materials


Mosaics have been found in ancient public buildings, temples as well as private homes. Some masterpieces others simple but always expressions of art. Classes are run by Anastasia Vangalati. For Anastasia, the mosaic is an integral part of Greek culture since antiquity, and she finds it a great creative expression that can use old damaged and pre loved materials. Combining traditional art with environmental care and love. Using the forgotten and unloved materials and breathing new life. Anastasias favorite motto “don’t throw it unless you give her a second and third chance.”

*charges for materials


Children (and parents) will have  the chance to enjoy a wide array of arts and crafts including drawing, painting, and creating from found natural objects. There will be general free play arts and crafts sessions where children can draw, paint and create. There will also be some more structured sessions making paper mache, marbling paper and other interesting and fun crafty sessions!



Supervised activity for teenagers that will take us back to the way the Greek fought in the ancient times. This is a basic introductory level lesson giving the students a hands on experience of the recurve bow and arrows and basic skills. The lesson teaches range safety, and proper shooting technique. The overall benefit aside of the introductory archery lesson is that it encourages team building, focus, responsibility and self-confidence.

Gardens Of Kos - Sails On Kos


Join us in the Sails on Kos garden and help harvest tomatoes, zucchinis, capsicums, eggplants & sunflowers! Learn a bit about local vegetables, how to look after a small garden and much more.



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