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January 2019 – Our Sails On Kos Team grows

Construction progress at Sails On Kos - January 2019

2019 really started with a BANG. We received our first bookings, which for us is so reaffirming that so many interested people are just as excited as us by our concept and vision. Thank you to those who have already booked.

Our manufacturing is well under way. We are itching to set these tents up on Kos, but they’re designed to be erected seasonally and packed down again in winter, so we are holding off
the set-up on site until Spring. We’ve been practicing here in Athens and have found the set-up time to be roughly five hours with two people from the ground up. What a team!

Sails On Kos - January 2018

All our bathrooms pods for our smaller tents are being built by our trusty carpenter, Yannis, who we respect and admire to the end of Kos and beyond. His hard work, dedication and creativity has been really something special.

Sails On Kos - January 2018

A big achievement this month was finalising our landscaping. We’ve spent endless weeks talking to locals, professionals and everyone in-between finding the best trees for our village. We’ve been trying our best to find young native trees that are kind to our soil, environment and our senses. We have a very large space to landscape and have high ambitions for beautiful

Sails On Kos - December 2018

Luckily for us, a year ago we met Thannis, who runs an educational farm for children in Athens teaching children about all the local trees, plants & herbs. He has amazing visions for educational, beautiful and environmentally productive and friendly gardens. He’s been working closely with us to find the perfect solutions, and we are finally satisfied and ready to plant! We hope
that guests will be able to admire the work, selection and beauty the gardens will create for everyone to enjoy as they grow into maturity.

We’ve also been building our team. This month we found Costas, a young, dedicated chef who has worked in hotels and restaurants on Santorini and other top destinations in Greece. He’s been looking for a place where he can stamp his individuality, his love for local produce and his desire to ‘freshen up’ traditional Greek cuisine. And boy, has he found it. Our vision and his clicked instantaneously. He is passionate and creative. We are honoured that he will be working alongside us this Summer.

We’ve also found the beautiful and talented Selvin, who has spent the last few years in India teaching and practicing yoga. She wanted to return to a place closer to home. Luckily for us, that means we will have her onsite with us teaching yoga and spreading her amazing vibes around the village.

We are blessed with many friends in Australia who we’ve met throughout our years in hospitality, tourism, and within the health food industry. They’ve chosen to drop what they are doing and help us set up & run the village. We know they share our vision for what we are trying to achieve, as they have played such a major role in shaping it.

January has been a very affirming month, reminding us we are in the midst of transforming our vision into reality. It is all around us and we are so thankful.

See you in February.

Author: Madeleine
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