Sails on Kos

Seasons at Sails

Seasons at Sails


Find out whats happening during the season at sails

What ever time of the season, you can count on warm days, sunshine and clear blue waters. As the season gets underway you can feel the changes in the air as things build up, the heat of the summer sets in and as the season winds down. There are a wide variety of different activities to choose from that are enhanced during certain times of the season.


May and early June tend to be the most relaxed and quite times of the season on Kos. The weather is warming up and everyone excited and getting geared up for the season ahead. This is a great time to explore the natural wonder of Kos before the landscape drys out for the summer. You will find wonderful flowers, butterflies & birds enjoying the late spring weather.

This is also a great time to host group camps and seminars as Sails ok Kos as the island are quite enough to focus and warm enough to enjoy. This is also a time in our season where we do not offer our full selection of in house activities, and is before the school holidays across Europe giving plenty of time and space for private groups to use our facilities. 

We provide and can recommend  an array of exciting activities and opportunities that maximise the beauty and wonder of Kos this time of year including hikes, mountain biking, and a wide array interesting locations to visit and explore around the island.


Summer and the holidays are here and boy how the sun shines! This is the time of year to spend in close proximity to a body of water. Sit back and relax and spend the days enjoying cocktails, good food, swimming, family and taking part in our wonderful selection of in house activities and performances.Designed to keep everyone entertained and relaxed without having to stray to far from the beach or pool. There are a great selection of off site summer adventures for kids and adults such as windsurfing sessions, water parks , go karting and horse riding on the beach.


Now the heat and the crowds are beginning to calm this is a great time to explore the culture and history of Kos and surrounding islands and take advantage of the warm water sunny days and more quite beaches.

You can spend the days visiting ancient sites around the island learning about the unique culture of Kos and Greece including castles, market places and hospitals. There are many tours and places of interest that can be visited around the island and beyond. There are olive oil factories, wineries and honey farms where you can have the opportunity to taste local produce and take some home for you to enjoy. There are also many day trips that can be taken, to Turkey and other surrounding Island that have small and quite towns, lovely walks and even a volcano crater can be visited.

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