Sails on Kos

Sails on Kos

Sails on Kos

Luxury Camping Greece: A luxury tented encampment

In a perfect family holiday location

The beauty of Marmari has to be seen in person to be fully appreciated. The sun-drenched beaches of this small coastal village are some of the best on the beautiful island of Kos. If you’re looking for the perfect family holiday location and a luxury Camping Greece, the idyllic peace of a quiet child-friendly sandy beach, in a traditional Greek countryside setting Marmari is the perfect destination for you.

Our luxury tented-villas are the very definition of glamping; all the glamour and elegance of a villa combined with the beauty and wonder of camping in nature.

Our small and quiet encampment is the perfect escape for families and couples; each of our 14 Luxury tents and 6 Emperor bell tents have enough space for you to relax and enjoy an authentically Greek, island experience.

luxury camping greece

Our Philosophy

We created a peaceful niche

We know that our island is a popular destination for families. We love the vibrant atmosphere that the many guests bring to the island every year. We also know that some of our visitors are looking for a more relaxed and personal experience, away from the crowds of the large resorts and bustling beaches. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to creating a peaceful niche. Somewhere where you can enjoy the serenity of the local area, taste great authentic Greek food and wine, opting for total relaxation, or indulge in family activities and experiences with the people who matter the most to you.

Our philosophy is based around three principles:

  • To create an atmosphere that is peaceful, close to nature, relaxing, and inclusive
  • To provide options for selected fun activities that will create great family memories
  • To offer our guests an experience that is luxurious, authentic, and good value for money

Family run hotel

Our team is friendly, enthusiastic and dedicated to offer high standards in a luxury camping in Greece.

There are many recipes that make a good holiday hotel. One of the secret ingredients we believe is that of family-run hotels. The personal touch, the service and -in our case- the welcoming Greek hospitality, add flavor and value to your stay.

Alexi is the energy behind Sails on Kos; Welcoming you with a warm smile, and attending your every need before during and after your stay with us.  An avid traveler of Greece he knows the islands mainstream and secret spots. Alexi will guide you through the in-house activities on offer as well as share local knowledge of nightlife, beaches, restaurants, and hideaways.

Maddie is the heart and mother of the village; caring, giving and attentive. As a new mother and with 10 years working in some of Sydneys best cafes  her hospitality knows no bounds. She will be serving up breakfast for all our guest and for the rest of the day you will find her making sure that every guest is given that extra bit of care and attention.

George, fell in love with luxury tented accommodation when operating safaris in South Africa. With 18 years in tourism and hospitality, he is the elder of our family village. Consider him your longtime friend on Kos, George will take care of everything on your behalf, always finding solutions.

Elpitha, is the spirit of Sails on Kos; well-traveled with several years of event management experience, her contribution is like the spirit you add to a recipe to give it a kick, lively and sparkly! All the small details that make you smile, you can be sure that Elpitha was behind it.

Louisa, is the bones of sails on Kos, every orange lovingly juiced, every glass expertly polished.  All your linen crisp and fresh. All these small but ever so important things that keep the luxury alive at sails on Kos is all thanks to her!

Hilary, faster than the speed of light you’ll see her wizzing around keeping all the tents clean and fresh and making sure everything is spick and span for you to enjoy your holiday! Catch her if you can.

Laura, This year we welcome Laura Louise as our expert of all things wellness. Lou has travelled the world teaching Yoga from the amazing landscapes of the Moroccan deserts to the sands of one Indonesias’ most remote islands and now she’s here, ready to treat us to a summer of Yoga, Pilates, Massage & more.

luxury camping greece

What’s in a name?

How & why we are named Sails on Kos

The Greek word for sails is Karavopana, (karavi = ship & pania = fabric) a mouthful of a word meaning both sailing sails as well as canvas fabric.

We Greeks have sailed the seas from antiquity and today aside of tourism, shipping is our second largest industry; our sails always treasured, always well maintained to provide a safe journey- “Sails” are the wings of our sailors, the fabric of our being, and in our case, the walls of our home, providing welcome shade from the sun.

Why Sails on Kos?

An ideal mix of adventure in a luxury camping Greece

If you’re looking for a relaxing time at a quiet, unique, family-run resort, Sails is the perfect place for you. Our tented villas offer an ideal mix of luxury and adventure, and we provide our guests with everything they need for an enjoyable and memorable stay.

While glamping has its devoted camping fans, Sails on Kos strongly caters to the discerning visitor looking for something different, an alternative to cloned packages. We believe that our guests are independent thinking clients wishing to, aside of the high quality of the accommodation, add value to their holiday by including experiences and activities that delight, entertain, educate and create lasting memories.

Sails primarily offers families a bonding experience, to couples a romantic escape, and sophisticated fun in nature to extended groups. It is a destination unlike any other. You’re free to enjoy your personal space away from the crowds, partake in the many exciting activities we offer, or simply spend time relaxing on the beach or in the hammock.

At Sails we do everything we can to make sure our guests are taken care of. Our attentive and friendly staff endeavor to cater for your every need, and we’re confident your stay with us will be filled with fantastic memories.

Why ECO in a luxury camping Greece?

Energy saving without lessening our guests comfort

The Greek islands are a major summer destination, while this is great for the economy, in some of the busier destinations like Kos, the local infrastructure reaches and exceeds capacity. During the dry summers water supply, the ecological balance and local sustainability are threatened. It is the duty and responsibility of every Koan and, hopefully, visitors to make an effort.

Our green team

Everyone in our small team has participated in our green policy training and is committed to achieving our green goals. This is a team who works together to make a positive impact.


We use low energy LED lights in our property. We also use low energy inverter air coolers to provide relief from the summer heat. Water is heated in parts from solar panels. The result is relative energy saving without lessening our guests’ comfort.


We have chosen to build our own on site water waste recycling and management system. Recycling all our water waste on site and giving it back to the trees and plants. We have installed an automatic watering system for our gardens minimizing water waste. We are privileged to have our own well on our property making us self-sufficient with the gardens needs even in the driest periods. A voluntary participation program is in operation requesting that our guests save water and energy by timing their showers and choosing to utilize bedding and linen longer. We hope and encourage you to participate. The toilets in our bathrooms are dual flush for lower water consumption. Our taps and showers are aerated, resulting in a great shower but using a fraction of the water.

Ecological footprint

The impact that Sails on Kos has on the land is minimal. Aside from that we only utilized a minimum area with permanent structures, whilst 90% of the land is gardens and used for vegetable growing. We do not use any chemicals or pesticides on the grounds.


We follow a strict recycling of waste routine. You will note that we have shifted part of the effort to you. There are two waste bins in your tents to assist us with recycling commitment. all of our organic waste is used to make compost for our gardens and to feed our chickens.


We encourage our guests to use our bicycles to commute and maintain a healthier lifestyle with a smaller pollution footprint.

Toiletries and soaps

We avoid the small bottle approach to bathroom soaps etc to solve the plastic bottle waste. The toiletries that we have selected for your enjoyment are chemical and toxin free, made from organic quality natural ingredients. Similarly, all housekeeping cleaning materials for your rooms and for the property are selected on the same basis.


The worldwide trends of low mileage food and farm to fork are based on both eco-philosophy as well as better health options. We are proud to say that we have very close relationships with small local producers and offer our guests’ seasonal fruit and vegetables as well as cheese, eggs, yogurt, fish etc, available on Kos and nearby islands. The ingredients are fresh, seasonal and sourced as locally as possible

Herb and veggie garden

The herb garden at the entrance to the restaurant and theatre is there for your joy as well as the needs of our chef to enhance our dishes with flavorsome aromatics. The vegetable patch is primarily there for our young guests to experience how food grows as well as to use for our salads. You will find a variety of other edible plants around the grounds such as citrus trees, Daphnis ( bay leaves)  and many more.



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  • Exclusive offers
  • No deposit required
  • Free transfer to and from airport