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Important announcement: Shortages of hospitality staff after two years of covid, had a direct impact on us, making day to day operations very difficult due to reduced workforce. As a result some of the Kos Island sightseeing activities on offer are not readily available and can only be booked ahead on special requests. We apologize and ask for your understanding.


 activities & excursions curated to engage and connect you the culture & history of the local area. 

We offer a selection of Kos Island Sightseeing and activities which we believe are a bit different to the normal pre-packaged offerings of large inclusive hotels. We hope that these activities & excursions will enhance your stay here and give the entire family experiences that you will remember and cherish, and maybe even learn and take home with you. We hope to engage you and connect you to the local area, the culture, the history and each other.

These Kos Island Sightseeing list of activities & excursions are inclusive with your accommodation except where indicated there are small charges for costs such as materials. Availability is subject to change with any updated Covid-19 legislation.

With many of the excursions we  intend you to do these at your own time and as they take your interest. You are welcome to use the free bicycles to get around, walk or use your hire car. Only the hike is accompanied by a guide. All of them can be done in a leisurely few hours.

Kos Island Sightseeing

Kos Island Sightseeing must: KOS TOWN AUDIO GUIDED TOUR

All our guests take time to visit Kos town, a town with rich history but also many shops, lovely restaurants, waterfront coffee shops. This, at your own pace audio guided walk will take you to landmarks, ancient main walkways, small side streets as well as the central shopping areas where you can combine your shopping, seeing, tasting outing with learning about who walked these streets before you.

You will walk where the ancients debated, where the romans gathered, you will cross paths with knights, Ottomans, and Italians. At anytime you can take a break and do some shopping, have a coffee break. Audio fee €4, ask reception for our Map and audio link.

Kos Island Sightseeing

A VISIT OF ASKLEPION, historical Kos Island Sightseeing

And audio guided morning exploration of the oldest hospital ever found. We have prepared this audio guide to enhance your visit by providing a basic background and understanding of Asklepion, If you are a history buff, there are guides at the entrance to provide a more in-depth experience. The ruins of Asklepion are located on a green serene and fragrant pine wood oasis on the outskirts of Kos town with great views. This healing temple dedicated to the god of medicine, Asclepius, is where the origins of mind, body and soul began. This centre was a retreat for Hippocrates, the great healer and son of Kos. to practice medicine. His understanding of maladies and approach to medicine was innovative. “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food” was his motto on longevity is still very relevant today. Audio fee €4. Entry not included. 

Kos Island Sightseeing


Pyli and Marmari are not on the tourist map of “must see destinations” of Kos Island sightseeing. Pyli is however rather interesting and beautiful, located in a valley of olive trees. This excursion in unaccompanied and can be done on bicycles or your car. Ask reception for the map and background information on the stops plus directions.

There are about 10 stops, from the ancient  tomb of harmilos, to wine farms, a natural source with refreshing spring water , a 19th century traditional village home, and even a German landing craft ship wreck. Upload photos of at least 7 of the 10 and tag us in them and enjoy complimentary refreshments on your return!

HIKE TO OLD PYLI CASTLE, an ultimate Kos Island Sightseeing

This guided hike to the abandoned village of old Pyli is our favourite outing. To climb to the castle ruins, we will take the slightly more challenging route via the old chapel and return via the steps (good hiking shoes recommended). From the castle you will enjoy magnificent views of the nearby islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos and of the shores of Asia Minor. Check blackboard for weekly times

Olive oil soap making: Experience tradition via this Kos Island Sightseeing

In this tutorial we will have fun teaching you how to make your own soap. Industrially produced soaps often have additives that may dry or irritate your skin. Learning how to make your own natural soap with pure olive oil will be a back to basics experience that you will enjoy. Best part is that if you continue with this you will always control the ingredients. You will take your own bar back home with you.


Get to know the Olympians. Designed to be primarily fun it is also educational and more importantly it is a family activity. The Titans have attacked Olympus, Zeus and his team of eccentric human like gods need to defend or perish. A map, many clues, some red herrings and profiles on the gods are all ingredients of this fun adventure. Will it be your team that wins?

Greek cuisine class

Greek cuisine class

Ah, vacation! No deadlines, no responsibilities. And the perfect time to cook! Sometimes it’s great to take a break from your kitchen, however one noteworthy travelling experience is experiencing new food and cooking somewhere new. There’s no better time to learn a new cuisine or dish. It’s time to expand your recipe domain and learn from our chef’s traditional recipes.


We are very excited to welcome Borut Cafuta , creative potter extraordinaire from Slovinia for the months of July and August. Borut will offer pottery lessons to our younger guests as well as their parents. Be prepared to experience the fun and magic of clay blended with creativity.


Mosaics have been found in ancient public buildings, temples as well as private homes. Some masterpieces others simple but always expressions of art. Our classes are for our young guests and are run by Jana who will help you choose a design, guide you with colour selection explain  the steps to building your image, helping you compose your very own creation which you can take back home to show your grandparents.  €4 feee for materials. 


Yoga helps children improve their strength, balance, attention, and coordination. They will learn how to focus and centre themselves with various breathing and visualization techniques using healthy stress and anxiety coping mechanisms and work on building self-esteem in a non-competitive environment. They will also learn about self-love and the importance of showing kindness to others.



Supervised activity for teenagers that will take us back to the way the Greek fought in the ancient times. This is a basic introductory level lesson giving the students a hands on experience of the recurve bow and arrows and basic skills. The lesson teaches range safety, and proper shooting technique. The overall benefit aside of the introductory archery lesson is that it encourages team building, focus, responsibility and self-confidence.


Join us in the Sails on Kos garden and help harvest tomatoes, zucchinis, capsicums, eggplants & sunflowers! Learn a bit about local vegetables, how to look after a small garden and much more.

Night sky - campfire theatre in Kos


On clear sky nights, our guests can reach the planets and enjoy the night sky with our telescope. You will be able to gaze at the moon’s surface and further. A lovely experience especially for our young guests.



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