Sails on Kos

COVID-19 Health & Safety Program

Your safety matters.

We encourage you to get acquainted with our covid-19 health and safety program based on government guidelines to ensure a safe stay for you and your family. A better awareness and adherence to basic protocols will help with your peace of mind. Kos, the sea, the sun, the scented breeze is still here to enjoy, we are looking forward to welcoming you.

Covid-19 day to day preventative measures.

Sails on Kos, aims to provide you with the safety measures recommended by the local health authorities while at the same time facilitate your stay for your enjoyment of your holiday. Our staff has been trained / guided towards achieving this while maintaining the safety guidelines. All staff members of Sails on Kos test their temperature at the start and the end of the shift.

  1. Face masks.  Face masks are recommended only when entering indoor areas @ Sails on Kos. To facilitate this, our reception has been relocated to an outside pergola and we have introduced online registration. There are no other indoor areas aside of the guests private tents. It is therefore possible to enjoy your stay without ever needing to wear a mask, as it is also possible to wear a mask where and whenever you please.  Our staff will use their own discretion in our open areas however our housekeepers will always wear face masks when cleaning guests tents daily. 
  2. Personal hygiene. Antiseptic lotion will be available in all guests tents as well as in the reception pergola, and outdoor dining area. Gloves , paper towel and disposable bags will also be available. Wash hands or use antiseptic before any activities, such as food handling, using handles, toilets or commonly used utensils.
  3. Social distancing. A distance of 1.5 meters is to be kept in all indoor and outdoor areas between people who do not belong to the same family or do not live in the same camp. Our dining, lounging BBQ and pool areas  have been set up to accommodate the social distancing rules. Please respect this basic distances, and report to us any disobedience of such if it makes you uncomfortable / insecure
  4. Public areas. Disinfection of shared equipment and surfaces. We will take care to disinfect common areas such as taps, handles, toilets, waste bins etc, guests are requested to be aware of commonly shared items and protect themselves
  5. Dining pergola. Surfaces and furniture will be wiped and disinfected after each service. Seating capacity has been reduced, taking social distancing into consideration, resulting in 10m2 for a seating of a family of four.
  6. Breakfast. The buffet breakfast has been replaced with an ordering method, as the buffet results in a higher contamination rate. Guests can now order the buffet items from the service staff
  7. Glamping accommodation tents will be thoroughly disinfected after the departure of guests, all surfaces will be cleaned with chorine solution as directed by the local health authority. The daily housekeeping routine has become more focused on intensive cleaning of surfaces in the bathroom and your tent
  8. Swimming pool. The lounge chairs around the pool have been positioned based on the social distancing guidelines.  Disinfection of lounge chair mattresses will follow after each seating. We follow strict observance of established pool operating procedures, recirculation of water, frequent chlorine measurements and PH control. 
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