Sails on Kos

COVID – 19


The Greek government is preparing to re-launch its safety travel plan for this season to encourage visitors to our country, this will be implemented by spring and includes staff accreditation for safely operating a hospitality property and how to assure and avoid risks of Covid -19. We like everybody are waiting for the legislation to be released for the summer of 2021.
Kos like many Greek islands has hardly been touched by the pandemic, we are positive that the combination of vaccinations, travel safety requirements, our island’s record, and our properties advantages will encourage you to travel again and enjoy a wonderful holiday after the long winter.
Sails on Kos is committed to following all new government regulations as they are released & amended onto of last seasons protocols, to ensure our guests peace of mind, and to have a healthy and safe holiday. The 2021 travel trends across Europe have indicated that holiday makers are are looking for immersive experience in nature, including camping and wide open spaces. During these times of Covid-19 it makes sense why people are looking to escape the reality closed hotel buildings, with long corridors of rooms, closed receptions, dining areas, elevators etc.
Nature, space and outdoor living are the core of what Sails on Kos is all about. All our communal areas are outdoors and spacious, with generous space between guests private living areas. We are a small and exclusive resort with only 90 guests in twenty one tents spread over 5 acres, so lots of space for everyone!
Ontop of this we have spent a lot of time curating a number of activities events and processes than take into consideration Covid-19 and how it has shaped and changed our interaction with the world, enhancing our guests experience rather than hindering it. For outdoor theatre, to our al a carte breakfast. We a designed everything so you can forget about Covid-19, and enjoy your holiday.
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