Sails on Kos

COVID – 19


UPADTE 01/07/20


Sails On Kos will be open from the July 1, this coincides with the commencement of direct flights to Kos from Europe.

As we write this update, we are adjusting and revising day to day operations in order to provide safety, assurance and comfort to our guests based on the available guidelines.

Legislated guidelines are now available for hotels and campgrounds here in Greece.  With separate guidelines for restaurants, swimming pools, beaches and for wellness and sport activities.  These legislations and their implementation are intended to give you the confidence to travel &  the peace of mind for the health & safety of you and your family

One of the many ripple effects of the Covid-19 situation and new the new guidelines in place are the discontinuation of some of the facilities and services that we offer.

We regretfully inform everyone that we will not be operating a full scale restaurant this year. The projected guest arrivals for 2020 have been calculated to be between only 25% to 33% of normal seasons. On top of this, in order to provide safety, the new legislation no longer permits outside visitors into our restaurant. This will limit our operation substantially. As a result, it is not viable for us to operate the restaurant as we initially imagined.

We have uploaded our menu here. The menu will be available all day lunch and dinner. We are still sticking with our ethos of locally sourced where possible and home made where possible.

We will also run a daily Greek special meal as occupancy increases over the summer and we have demand. There are several local tavernas in the area, some also provide a delivery service.

This restaurant change will have no impact on the breakfast service included in your reservations.

Due to physical distancing limitations we have no option but to discontinue many of our planned activities. These are no longer possible due to the limited space set aside for the workshops rendering them unattainable. Further to this, many of the contracted activity providers have concerns about their health & safety. Due to the physical contact needed with participants in order to provide the services and have decide not to join our team this year.

For these reasons we have decided  to offer significant discounts to counter balance these reductions in services. To make your holiday with us more affordable and appealing.

Greece has managed to limit the spread of Covid-19 exceptionally well. This is partly due to its responsible actions and legislation but most importantly because of the individual responsibility of its citizens and commitment to safety first. Here on Kos we had one single case, a new arrival, that was in self-Quarantine in March, luckily nothing more.

Kos is a safe and wonderful summer escape. When you combine the appeal of Kos together with the advantages of glamping over crowded traditional hotels with hundreds of guests looking for space in busy common areas, it becomes apparent that Sails on Kos , with its new last minute cancelation policy is a great holiday choice.

Please get in contact with us to discuss anything related to your holiday or to Covid-19. We are very excited to have you and are open to further discounts on direct bookings

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