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The season on Kos has finally ended and the cool nights have decided to join us after months of perfect summer.
Although the days are still warm and the sun still shines the island has become quite and tranquil. The only rustlings are that of the olive harvesting.
It has been a very rewarding summer, after everything that has happened this year, and we are in full swing working towards opening for next year, one way or another!

The summer has emphasised how special our project is, and has reminded us every day that the choices and mistakes we have made are coming together to really create something special and magical on the Island of Kos.

There are so many people this summer that have really helped us cement our ideas into stone, and to ensure that our ideas are a working reality that will really make a great holiday destination, and life for us.

Firstly I would like to thank our volunteers and hired hands that have helped us this summer from gardening to cooking and cleaning to general emotional support, and being our test subjects for all the ideas we have.  It has been lovely sharing our vision, or lives and our world with you for the few months we had you.

Working with you has given us the opportunity to shape our community into something wonderful. More specifically it has also allowed us to create new ways of approaching our kitchen moving towards something special, interesting and unique for visitors to Greece. Choosing a traditional Greek way of  preparing, serving & eating that also encompasses community and camping.
They have tried and testing our activities  and through them we have honed our skills, mapped our ideas, and selected activities  and tours that are tested and enjoyable. You can find the changes we have made to the 2020 actives on our website. (link)

I would also like to thank our family members and friends for coming to visit us, working with us, and helping us from afar. It has been such a pleasure to have one after the other of family and friends that we have hosted, staying with us and keeping us sane. Not a week went by where there wasn’t someone here with us reminding us of home and how loved we are. Our family have also been a great help by sharing with us all the places they have visited on and around Kos being our eyes and ears while we are working for the best things to do around the island. Most importantly they have been crucial in helping us settle here and making this new adventure start to feel like home.

A special thank you to those that stayed and helped on the project, from cleaning and cooking to building us a chicken coup! Endless gardening help and spending days at the beach minding our sun beds. This has really helped us shape the way to run aspects of our business like our cleaning management systems, our sun beds and gardens. They have also helped give us trustworthy insights into companies, destinations and activities we didn’t find the time to do ourselves. And reminded us of course that family is the most important thing in the world!

Next I would like to thank all the locals and people living on the island that have help us connect, done us favours and worked with us. Opening a business in a foreign place is a daunting task, and having this help and trust has gone along way for us. They have helped us out of many tight spots. It has also opened up many relationships, with many local faces that will now be working along side us next year and many local business we will be teaming up, who we are looking forward to introducing in our next blog.

Having the valuable insight from people that know the island and how things run has allowed us to by pass many steep learning curves and place us comfortably within the community and industry here. It also means we can work with local and trust worthy employees who are a part of the story of Kos, and will go along way in contributing to the whole atmosphere of what we are trying to achieve.  It has also helped us discover wonderful places run by wonderful people that we cannot wait to share with you!
Next  I  want to thank the few AirBnB customers we brought through during the season to stay with us. As a last minute attempt to prepare ourselves for next year, cover the costs of feeding ourselves, and to stay sane  we decided to open up the small number of tents. With make shift furniture leant to us from a local hotel owner, a very honest AirBnB description and a small fee, we met a number of very wonderful people. Every single guest we had was a pleasure from beginning to end, and many have left more like friends than customers. Although we are mainly still a construction site, and everything is still mostly unfinished, everyone that came saw our vision, hoped the best for us and best of all appreciated and enjoyed our hospitality. Through this we learnt invaluable lessons and skills to prepare us for next year, what to do and what not to do. Many important issues were  addressed and has given all of our customers next year when we are properly open a more tried and tested product, certainty and peace of mind.
Lastly, we want to thank all the wonderful people who had booked with us this season that came to say hello and show their interest and support. Having all you wonderful people enjoying your holidays and taking the time to see us really kept us going, has given us the momentum to keep on pushing and making this something special.
We are so grateful we have had the opportunity this summer to begin to see really see what works, what does’t. To shape things, try and test things and make sure what we are offering next year is something truly special.
Now we are back at it again with building and running like crazy to open for 2020 and waiting for a baby! We have a very exciting and momentous upcoming 5 or 6 months. And well keep sharing to keep you a part of it!

Author: Madeleine
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