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Tours & Excursions


Experience the beauty of the island

Experiential travel is a form of tourism in which people focus on experiencing a country, city or particular place by connecting to its history, people and culture, Mass tourism is no longer sufficient.

The following tours have been designed by Sails on Kos to be informative and fun as well as showcase the beauty of our island. On average their duration is half day at a reasonable pace, with time to rest or look a little deeper. Some of the tours can be done at your own pace with audio guid application dowloaded on your phone or device.Please note that these tours have limited space therefore it is recommended to book in advance. These are optional extra activities and not included in your daily room rate.

Kos town half day walking tour

A town with rich history and many cultures. This at your own pace audio guided walk. It will take you to landmarks, ancient main walkways, small side streets where you will discover today’s lively local colors and yesterday’s impressive history. You will walk where the ancients debated, where the romans gathered, you will cross paths with knights, Ottomans and the old Jewish community. At the end of the walk you can enjoy a cup of coffee and the island’s famous baklava at Platia platanou, where Hippocrates’s tree is located.

Morning visit of Asklipion

And audio guided morning exploration of the oldest hospital ever found. Located on a green serene and fragrant pine wood oasis on the outskirts of Kos town with great views. This healing temple dedicate to the god of medicine, Asclepius is where the origins of mind, body and soul began. This center was a retreat for Hippocrates, the great healer and son of Kos. to practice medicine. His understanding of maladies and approach to medicine was innovative. “Let food be your medicine and let medicine be your food” was his motto on longevity is still very relevant today. A medical practice based on logic and analysis of symptoms, treating the whole person, providing good fresh food, clean water and air while promoting the importance of a person’s physical condition as part of their overall wellbeing.

Sunset with panoramic views

You will be taken to one of the highest settlements on the islands, the traditional village of Zia to take in the magnificent vistas of Kos and its neighboring islands at sunset. On the main road of the village you will find several shops with traditional handmade products. You can wonder around the many shops, have dinner in any of the traditional Greek tavernas and see the amazing sunsets Zia has to offer.

Walking / trekking / hiking excursion

There are number of established hiking trails ranging in different levels of difficulty. Our favourites are a hike to the abandoned village of old Pili. To climb to the castle ruins, we will take the slightly more challenging route via the old chapel and return via the steps (good hiking shoes recommended). From the castle you will enjoy magnificent views of the nearby islands of Pserimos and Kalymnos and of the shores of Asia Minor.

An alternative option is a walk at the salt lake next to Marmari, a Natura protected area. The shallow salt lake, sometimes dry, often visited by flamingos, and has a wild beach front. Truly a beautiful close to nature experience!




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