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All Eyes on Sails on Kos

After working and studying in corporate offices and the world of events management, I’ve developed a sharp eye and attention to detail. I know that it’s these finer touches that can really make or break an experience, or that can make the difference between a good experience and one that’s truly great. As soon as my brother and dad decided to open Sails on Kos, I have been a real hardliner in making sure that no small details are overlooked.

From soaps in the bathrooms, to the layout and quality of the linens, to making sure that there is Wi-Fi in every corner. I’m a seasoned traveller in my own right, and I know full well what small details can let a good facility down. So I’ve been firm with my family in making certain that every “I” is dotted and every “T” crossed.

I’ve worked closely with the interior designer for the glamping facilities, looking to emphasise the openness of camping, the all-too-important element of luxury, and of course that summery Greek aesthetic. After travelling through Greece, I found a love for traditional handcrafts, and wanted to include these in the rooms for that little touch of rustic charm. In choosing locally-sourced, traditionally crafted goods, I want to create an immersive experience in which every piece creates an opportunity for guests to share in the many stories and traditions that Greece has to offer, from the shores of Crete to the mountains of Epirus.

I’ve even made sure that the toiletries will be locally-sourced and organic. This includes natural sea sponges in every room from the neighbouring Island of Kalymnos, which has a tradition of sponge-diving that has carried on for generations, and continues to this day. This is just one example of the kinds of little stories that even a sponge can tell, which will make a stay at Sails on Kos that little bit more unique and memorable.

I think that it’s these extra little details that give our rooms their own unique feeling and depth, and you can be sure I’ll keep a keen eye on things to make sure your stay at Sails on Kos is the best it can be.

Author: Elpitha
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