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June: Summer begins and with it a new start

As many of you by now are aware, the fruits of spring did not arrive in a way we were expecting this year. It felt like everything that we were working to avoid came together at once and happened, with some devastating results. We made the decision not to open[...]
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It’s March, and we’re marching forward.

Personally my field of focus has been on plants this month. I have gone from growing herbs in backgarding to full scale landscaper and haven’t had too much thought outside of this scope. It hasn’t been a very easy task, off loading hundreds of trees, digging the holes and planting[...]
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Stories around the Campfire

Stories around the Campfire - Sails On Kos

I love working in tourism. To me, it means working with people from all around the world who have come to a place to enjoy life and immerse themselves in new experiences, new cultures and new ideas. There are so many different sides to a resort, so many different things[…]

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The Gardens of Kos

Gardens Of Kos - Sails On Kos

My life’s ethos has been to be environmentally conscious, environmentally responsible and environmentally friendly. I’ve been making sure that our resort is doing all it can to encompass, nurture and uphold a sense of environmental responsibility. Not only do we want to be environmentally responsible, we want our guests to[…]

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February 2019 – In a blink of an eye

February 2019 - In a blink of an eye - Sails On Kos

February has come and without so much as a blink it has past. We are counting down the days now until we open our doors this summer. The last few years have been very significant for our whole family. We have all moved across the world, sold our long run[…]

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All Eyes on Sails on Kos

After working and studying in corporate offices and the world of events management, I’ve developed a sharp eye and attention to detail. I know that it’s these finer touches that can really make or break an experience, or that can make the difference between a good experience and one that’s[…]

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Kos I said so

As a businessman I have had years of experience in providing innovative tourism, such as luxury rail cruises in South Africa with Shongololo Express. I expanded Shongololo from a single train running from Johannesburg to Cape Town into a total of three separate trains running their own unique trips throughout[…]

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A Journey to a Grecian Glamping paradise

Over the last decade I have had the good fortune to be able to travel through over 20 countries across Europe and Asia, and extensively through Greece. I spent 6 months backpacking throughout the mainland, and visiting as many islands as I could. Some very busy, others completely isolated. I[…]

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