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The Gardens of Kos

Gardens Of Kos - Sails On Kos

My life’s ethos has been to be environmentally conscious, environmentally responsible and environmentally friendly.

I’ve been making sure that our resort is doing all it can to encompass, nurture and uphold a sense of environmental responsibility.

Not only do we want to be environmentally responsible, we want our guests to be able to see how fun and rewarding it can be to learn about and participate in all the little things that can be done in our daily lives to care for our planet, and to build understanding and respect for the natural world.

Gardens Of Kos - Sails On Kos

Our own veggie garden will have a selection of tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, radishes, peppers, pumpkins, lettuces and other local greens. Everything you could ever want for a yummy salad!

We will also be encouraging guests to get their hands dirty and participate in the planting and harvesting process. They’ll have the opportunity to plant and propagate something, with the option of leaving a plaque with their name and Instagram, so that we can share the progress of the plant and tag them! Encouraging them to learn how to grow and harvest fresh food, and be involved in the process even after their holiday is over.

There’s also our Hippocrates Garden, honouring the “Father of Medicine”, who began his life right here on Kos! This special garden will grow a selection of the various medicinal plants native to Kos, such as spearmint, fennel, wormwood, sage and pomegranate, many of which are still used in folk remedies to this day, and will offer an opportunity to learn a bit more about these plants and their traditional uses.

We have organized a composting and recycling station on-site to get the most out of our resort’s waste management, and provide a teaching point to any of our guests who would like to learn a thing or two about these processes. We will have reusable items such as straws in order to minimize our use of non-recyclable materials. All consumable products and produce will be fresh, local and organic wherever possible, from our fresh fruit and vegetables to our selection of wines and even our toiletries.

Gardens Of Kos - Sails On Kos

All staff teams will be trained in our eco policy to ensure that Sails on Kos makes as light a mark on its environment as possible. In all this I hope to create a general atmosphere of positive, environmentally conscious thinking.

Author: Madeleine
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