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Stories around the Campfire

Stories around the Campfire - Sails On Kos

I love working in tourism. To me, it means working with people from all around the world who have come to a place to enjoy life and immerse themselves in new experiences, new cultures and new ideas.

There are so many different sides to a resort, so many different things to do, that you barely ever find yourself stuck in a routine that remains the same day to day. Every day offers up new activities, new people, new challenges and new rewards that make it all the more worthwhile. It keeps my brain and spirit young!

I have been very conscious of the limited amount of activities that we can offer our guests once the sun goes down, which has given me the idea to have a storyteller come and entertain people in the evenings. My own parents and grandparents were great storytellers, and there is a long history of expressive storytelling in this country.

What’s more, I love to organize performances, having run a theatre company as a younger man in South Africa. I want to create something meaningful with these performances, not just mindless entertainment to fill the space between dinner and sleep. Something to engage, educate and give the opportunity to understand and connect with Greek philosophy, mythology, history and art on a deeper level than that sold to tourists on a daily basis. What’s more, delivered in such a way as to include guests in the discussions, and encourage interaction with ideas whose relevance spans from antiquity to the present day.

Stories around the Campfire - Sails On Kos

That is why I hired Natasha, a trained actor and natural storyteller from the school of storytelling in Athens, who has spent many years learning the various skills that storytelling encompasses. She will make you laugh, make you think, and most of all make you feel a part of the deep and storied past of Greece with a range of different stories and subjects for children and adults alike, be it Democracy or Socrates, Aesop or Astronomy.

The decision to open up Sails on Kos was not one of financial gain but spiritual gain. It was to share my passion for a wonderful country and an adventurous lifestyle, and to create a meaningful experience for myself and my family in doing so.

Stories around the Campfire - Sails On Kos

My hope for Sails on Kos is to offer a unique experience for every guest. That is not just with regards to glamping, it goes above and beyond that. I want to provide our guests with a unique and enthralling perspective on Greece, one that is too often overlooked or undervalued in tourism. I want to provide people with a chance to explore this beautiful country and all it has to offer, to let them see the Greece that I know and love.

I have so much energy and hospitality to give, and I hope that Sails on Kos will prove to be an expression of everything I have worked for in my life, and the values and ideas that I have tried to uphold.

Author: George
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