Sails on Kos

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It’s March, and we’re marching forward.

Personally my field of focus has been on plants this month. I have gone from growing herbs in backgarding to full scale landscaper and haven’t had too much thought outside of this scope.

It hasn’t been a very easy task, off loading hundreds of trees, digging the holes and planting them where they are supposed to go, watering and looking after them. Singing them songs, and reassuring the trees they are loved and BEAUTIFUL.

The rain this season means that everyone here on Kos are now running trying to get everything prepared for the season ahead. We struggled finding workers to bring on site here. We found ourselves reaching out to Multifunctional Center for Refugees and Migrants – Hellenic Red Cross. We found some very qualified farmers and gardeners to help us get the job done.

The Multifunctional Center for Refugees and Migrants is for recognised refugees and other migrants, the MFC provides services and guidance to support them on their journey to more effectively integrate into Greek society – including obtaining the necessary registration and documentation in order to be eligible for employment and access social services, education and medical care in the Greek society.

The approach of the services provided from the MFC aims to build the migrants’ resilience and empower them to reassess their individual needs and make their own choices; in order to regain their own autonomy in everyday living.

We were very excited to find these young men and this organisation. Working with them has been incredibly rewarding. Learning about Gambian music, food & culture. Learning about plants and how to care for them. Teaching each other Greek and english. We really couldn’t have asked for things to play out any better.

Our biggest struggle this month has been the effect the rain has had on the ground through the main path! All the rain over the last months has made the ground uneven and difficult for machinery to drive on.

We are struggled around it and alas finally we can have an earth mover come and smooth it out ready to made into a real path for guest to use!

The biggest news of this month – we have finally won our right from the municipality for our own private beach spot. We are yet to decide how to set it up, but you can be sure we will have umbrella and beds for guests to use – maybe even a beach tent or two! We are Glamping resort after all.

Through everything this month we have still found time to explore the island, looking for all the secret hidden spots to share with all our guests. Looking for churches, cafes, hikes, restaurants, ancient ruins & amazing views that are in abundance across the island.

Spring is in the air, this much is for sure. We had our first swim of the season – at our very own beach spot! All the flowers are in bloom and the air is telling us summer is on the way.

March is coming to a close, and now the ground has dried our shipping container is ready to off load. The crane needed to lift it on site is ready for action. All our tents, our kitchen fittings and bathrooms are about to be at their last stop, Sails on Kos!

See you next month!

Author: Madeleine
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